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The Future is Decentralised

Tuesday 06th, March 2018 / 06:16

In our mission to create an open, fair, and accessible financial future, we are committed to supporting a vast array of sustainability, humanitarian, and environmental initiatives. To that end, we recently partnered with volunteers from the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), the UN Development Programme (UNDP), and the World Economic Forum (WEF) to explore how block chain technology can do just that. Today, we’re thrilled to share the culmination of that partnership with you in the form of a white paper titled, The Future is Decentralised.

This white paper not only explains how block chain technology works, but also how it is already being used to pursue conventional ends. We’re excited to share how this technology has brought new levels of efficiency and effectiveness to the fields of development aid, supply chain management, renewable energy, economic growth, and several others.

I’m also honored to share that I’ve been asked to help establish the Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development. As a Founding Commissioner, I will have the opportunity to help develop a multi-sectoral framework to support the United Nations system — along with Member States, Intergovernmental Organizations, and the private sector and civil society — in utilizing block chain-based technologies to develop local, national, and global solutions for pressing issues of our day.

Over the coming months, Blockchain will continue to work with international partners to survey the opportunity for both national and international institutions to defend the rights of those they represent, and to accelerate progress towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN and 193 Member States. Together, Blockchain and the Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development will leverage block chain technology to develop radically creative and decentralized solutions for the conservation of natural resources, financial inclusion and security, public health and welfare, civic trust, and protection of the integrity of democratic systems — among others — to improve lives around the world.

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