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South Dakota Candidate for Governor Welcomes Mazacoin

Tuesday 20th, May 2014 / 09:28
South Dakota Candidate for Governor Welcomes Mazacoin

After seeing his coin drop out of the top 15 and plummet towards the bottom of, Mazacoin Founder, Payu Harris, on Friday was rubbing shoulders with South Dakota Gubernatorial candidate Lora Hubbel in his tireless quest to revive the struggling cryptocurrency.

On May 16th, he presented Hubbel with a donation of 50,000 Mazacoins. In a separate taped interview she can be heard telling Payu that she likes the idea of cryptocurrencies and supports both Mazacoin and the Lakota Nation’s decision to adopt the currency.

Today, there’s talk of a Mazacoin revival in the official Bitcointalk thread with one user reporting to be working with a non-profit organization that’s considering adopting Mazacoin and widening its usage to include all Native/indigenous peoples.

warpath_lakotaAt its peak in early March, Mazacoin (MZC) had a market capitalization of 11 million dollars and was trading at 12 cents per coin. Since then it’s fallen to 89th position and is currently valued at $62,000.

Mazacoin (MZC) is the first sovereign national crypto-coin in history. MazaCoin hopes to create an economic foundation upon which the traditional Lakota Nation can build lasting wealth and prosperity for their people. The currency is based on advanced protocols designed by the infamous Satoshi Nakamoto who vanished into thin air several years ago fearing his anonymity was about to be compromised.

Do you feel that Mazacoin will in fact rebound or will the price continue to plummet? Log in below using your favorite social network and weigh in on the discussion.

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