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Introducing Bitcoin Price Alerts on Mobile

Saturday 13th, February 2016 / 07:59
Introducing Bitcoin Price Alerts on Mobile

Today, we’re excited to introduce price alert push notifications on iOS and Android. Improving the Coinbase mobile experience is a core element of our mission to make it easy for people to buy and sell bitcoin globally. It’s now easier than ever for users in 32 countries to buy and sell bitcoin at the right time on mobile.

These mobile updates allow you to:

  • Create bitcoin price alerts: You can easily create price alerts in your native currency using the price slider. Create and view or disable and delete the list of alerts that have been pushed to you on the “Price Alerts” page.


  • Buy/sell bitcoin in three simple steps: After you set an alert, you will receive a push notification when the bitcoin price has reached your indicated price. Easily buy or sell by swiping left on the notification and clicking. Swipe right on the notification to view the price charts.


These updates are small steps in making the bitcoin experience more seamless on mobile. Go to the App and Play stores to check out the updated apps today! And as always, let us know what you think on Twitter and on Coinbase Community.

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