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CRIME: Police Warn Bitcoin Helping Underage Drinksters Get Buzzed

Sunday 26th, July 2015 / 21:45
CRIME: Police Warn Bitcoin Helping Underage Drinksters Get Buzzed


Do you ever catch your 12-year-old mumbling words like “blockchain” or “satoshis”? Has your teenage daughter ever arrived home after curfew, stumbling drunk, looking like she’s been rode hard and put up wet?

Police in Darien, Connecticut are warning parents that a new Darknet cryptocurrency called Bitcoin could be to blame.  Many young people are now buying high-quality fake IDs online using the deepweb currency. Typically teens are asked to pay between $100 and $200 for the fraudulent fun passes.

In recent weeks, police have confiscated a number of counterfeit IDs, said Sgt. Jeremiah Marron. Many of the fakes are professional quality and nearly indistinguishable from authentic IDs, Marron said.

Young people and their parents need to realize that obtaining fraudulent identification is a serious crime with potential criminal consequences, although their teenager may only be using a fake ID to buy alcohol or get into a bar, driver’s licenses are official government-issued documents.

drunk_bitcoin_teensBack in the 80’s parents would ask their children to reset the VCR clock, but today’s techno teens are much more advanced, and wise in the ways of the bitcoin.

They Sext with their classmates, Instagram R-rated selfies, and order fake IDs using freshly minted cybertokens they’ve mined on their bedroom PCs.

Those who carry a fake ID could be charged with second-degree forgery, a Class D felony which carries a penalty of up to five years in jail and a $5,000 fine.

Is the Bitcoin to blame? What can parents do to stop this madness? Log in below using your favorite social network and weigh in on the discussion.

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