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BTC World News turns 1

Sunday 13th, April 2014 / 14:05
BTC World News turns 1

One year ago on April 11, 2013, an idea spawned to centralize the latest news, information and trends involving Bitcoin and we have to say, it’s been an epic story.

When we look back on the last year, Bitcoin has gone from a few dollars and a mediocre following to over a thousand dollars and a worldwide explosion of interest. We’ve reported on everything from hackers stealing substantial amounts of Bitcoin, uncovering price gaps where major exchanges ended up closing its doors as a result and we’ve even helped give guidance to the public on making informed choices when it comes to Bitcoin.

We live in an interesting time where many, if not most of us have had enough of heavy-handed regulation, crooked politics and unjust tyranny that takes place on a daily basis. The world has open its eyes and begun establishing a united front to exercise its voice on a global platform. The world has said that enough of the wrong choices have taken place and we’re taking the steps to employ change regardless if the aforementioned accepts it or not. We’ve highlighted the poor finding wealth and businesses flourishing on the significant cost savings of using Bitcoin over traditional means. Overall BTC World News has been front and center on the world’s stage participating in the tremendous depth of global genesis.

We see the introduction of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a Global Industrial Revolution and effort to extend true freedom.

federal reserveLet’s face the music together, the day of Government controlled money is dying a slow and horrendously painful death. We’ve seen that with Bitcoin, the people of the world can start to change from government issued or backed currency as it comes at too high a price for the real value of using it.

We’ve detailed how impractical it is to walk around with blinders on believing that you have a dollar when the value of a dollar is valued about as much as the paper it’s printed on. As much as Governments do not want the public to run their own financial system, the fact is, the Governments of the world have failed each and every one of us financially and responsibly where as Bitcoin is the first alternative which can culminate the resurrection of a thriving global economy.

Look at America for example and ask yourself how will the American Government repay the umpteen trillions of debt they’ve racked up from the countless poor choices its Government has made over just the last decade? The simple fact is they will not be able to repay these bottomless debts and the only recourse they have is to heavily tax its citizens to the point of a establishing a slave based nation.
(We mention the term “slave” defined as a person who works very hard without proper remuneration or appreciation and a person who is excessively dependent upon or controlled by something).

If we considered this from a business standpoint, what would a corporation do if they were in this same situation? The answer is simple, they would reorganize quickly or recognize extinction was imminent. Imagine if a world superpower such as the USA replaced its currency system with Bitcoin, it would be a near immediate global effect of substantial resolution and it all could start by the Government saying, “hey, our financial system doesn’t work any more and we’re starting fresh”. America used to be a leader, but it’s becoming more prevalent that it’s really a follower.

The introduction of Bitcoin could not have come at a better time as it offers a beacon of hope where each one of us can find alternative means to grow together with limited impact of each Government’s radical interference.

At BTC World News, we look back over the last year and reflect on the insight and many predictions we’ve shared that have hit the mark each time ranging from Bitcoin price fluctuations, to the current state of Bitcoin, spot on.

warrenbuffettEven the world’s “go to” traditional authorities like Warren Buffett haven’t provided the clarity or depth of insight as BTC World News has. The simple fact about why those authorities have led people astray is because they are simply stuck in their old fashion ways of thinking and are afraid of change.

Let’s look at this “rant” for a moment, if Buffett was concerned about the betterment of people, being that he’s said to be a philanthropist, (defined as love of mankind in general), then why is he providing so much push back to Bitcoin?

It’s as clear as the sun is bright that Bitcoin has the potential of improving mankind as a whole, yes? Ask yourself, how did Warren Buffett improve your life as a whole today or yesterday or last week or for that matter ever in your life? The simple truth is, he likely did not which makes his denomination of being a philanthropist hypocritical. What Warren Buffett did do was improve his life over a period when those traditional investing practices he understood were certainly beneficial to himself. Though overall he blatantly disregarded the impact it made on everyone else.

Not for nothing, if you hadn’t realized it yet, the older generation doesn’t make the best choices in this constantly evolving world which, if it were up to our older generation, we’d still be using paper and a pencil, because that worked just fine!!” Overall, if you’re placing your financial faith in an 83-year-old distorted and out of touch opinion, need we say more? The best we can say is, “Cool story bro.”


It would seem relevant that if you continue to listen to the empty remarks of tired and old fashion people who are out of touch, then all you’re doing is ensuring their continued success and not your own. Is it not time that you focused on your future where Bitcoin has an outlook for the entire world to prosper?

We’d like to add that we’re not taking a swing at Buffett’s past financial successes or who he is in general, we’re making more of an observation, though you should ask yourself if their positions on Bitcoin is “self-preservation” or for the betterment of the world? Ask yourself that question each time some popular or traditional entity makes some type of negative statement on Bitcoin and reality check it,  it will help you make an informed choice in the long run.

We’ve been asked, what is BTC World News?

The answer to that is simple, it’s a doorway to the world of Bitcoin which in fact, based on our 3rd party stats, BTC World News ranks in the top most popular Bitcoin only news outlets on the internet today. That’s a huge accomplishment having been around for only a year. We took a look at our stats for the last 4 months and are astonished by the popularity detailed. We’ve also noticed that this number did not come from Google popularity either, it was grown naturally through grass-roots word of mouth which is a tremendous complement to our success. We offer you the ability to get to the latest Bitcoin news without having to troll the internet and possibly miss something important.

We appreciate each and every one of our visitors for engaging BTC World News as their outlet of choice for Bitcoin news.


So what’s next for BTC World News?  

We believe that nearly 650K page views in the last 4 months represent’s a huge mark of accomplishment and will be releasing great new features in the time to come which will further benefit the Bitcoin public.

What are these features you hint of one may ask? In this cut throat industry, we will take the approach of Apple and keep it a mystery for now, but we can hint that it’s worth visiting BTC World News often to learn what’s on the horizon.

The bottom line is that it’s been a heck of a YEAR for Bitcoin and keep that in mind, it’s only been a year and we ponder what the next year will be so stay tuned on BTC World News. We can’t wait to celebrate our next birthday though if you would like to help us celebrate, send us a gift.

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~  BTC World News

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