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Again, Stop the FUD

Sunday 08th, December 2013 / 00:52

We start tonight with the statement, “Again, Stop the FUD” and it’s similar to the classic scenario where a child has to be reminded over and over not to do something they shouldn’t be, where in this case a number of media outlets are pouncing on the recent price dip of Bitcoin. And that’s what is it, a price dip and therefore you might ask, “BTC World News, why is there a price dip” where overall the answer is quite simple.

Primarily, China is reconsidering its position on Bitcoin regulation within its borders and secondly because media outlets are pushing the negative hype, propaganda and overall non-sense to the public in a despicable and unprofessional manner for the sole effort of inflating their numbers. By no means are any of them assisting the public interest, rather hindering the truth of what is taking place.

check the sourceLet’s take a brief moment to look at what the term Irresponsible means: “Not showing a proper sense of Responsibility” which is in line completely with a number of media outlets that are for lack of a better phrase, “Spouting off at the mouth”. If you’re wondering who these media outlets are, look for a handful negative story’s right now, then take a look at the type of articles they write on average, (usually their articles will be tagged with “Other stories from this author”. Most likely you will see minimal if nearly no consistent history of reporting on Bitcoin. So ask yourself, is this who you want to trust while trying to determine what’s going on with Bitcoin? Ever heard the phrase, “Check the Source“? Enough said…

The FUD being pushed by a number of irresponsible media outlets reminds us of that commercial,

I heard it on the internet, so it must be True.”

caution moron alertWith this said, it’s clear BTC World News needs raise the moron alert to point out the poor form of the irresponsible media outlets taking advantage of the public opinion. Overall what you believe is truly up to you, though you should have all the facts when making a decision or opinion about Bitcoin.

In part, we suggest exercising caution towards everything you’re reading on the internet about Bitcoin. For those of us who consistently report on the topic of Bitcoin, it’s likely safe to suggest that the same and equal perspective is taking place that “This is a temporary dip while China determines its position for the future utilization of Bitcoin.

Think about this for a moment, China has nearly 2 billion citizens it’s republic serves and in the last month the country has had the opportunity to water test the future of Bitcoin. Without doubt China recognized and measured the potential value and uses of Bitcoin and now it’s well within reason that they ensure that they can properly govern the introduction of Bitcoin to its nearly 2 billion citizens. Anything less would be irresponsible of China’s government which is no different than what is taking place in America with all the legislation in congress occurring on a daily basis.

What’s Next?

With Bitcoin prices dipping, it’s an investors market now. The ole phrase of “Buy Low, Sell High”, is still the age old way of doing business in the world of investments.

You may experience what’s called the “Investors Dilemma”,  the investor’s dilemma is when you have to decide if you should buy, sell or hold on what you have invested.  As there’s no magic eight ball to look at for the answer, the best option for you is if you don’t know, then do nothing and stay steadfast. (To be very devoted or loyal to a cause, belief or not changing). In regards to Bitcoin, it’s a safe bet that the market will pick right back up as it has consistently since day 1.

For just a brief moment consider where Bitcoin came from. Once upon a time there was a 10,000 Bitcoin pizza. Could you imagine if that was you who received those Bitcoins today? With the many speculations taking place on the future of Bitcoin including backing  by Bank of America and Wall Street indicating BItcoin to soar upwards of 98,500.00 per BItcoin, there are considerably more positves than negatives.

Of course there will always be the FUD pushers out there, those who are genuinely miserable with their own existence and want to share their dread on a public platform. If that is who you wish to listen to, the voice of doom and gloom, or the voice of reason, the choice is up to you as is the same when it comes to Bitcoin.

We’ll leave you with this thought and our noteworthy phrase, “The bottom line is”,

What will you do if next week or the week after Bitcoin peaks over $2000.00 or greater per Bitcoin? When it comes to Bitcoin, it’s not wise to live in the here and now and be reactive in a proactive world. It’s important that you find a way to gaze into the future and take the time to understand how Bitcoin can work for you. Now is a starting point to buy again while prices are in a dip no different than they were a month and a half ago.

In closing, for those who don’t know what FUD stands for its “Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt” and thank those media outlets who are the negative nellies for all their creative irresponsibility to the public opinion.

(Special thanks to Bryan L for the contribution of the Investors Dilemma)

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