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5 Million Gmail Accounts Hacked And Exposed On Russian Bitcoin Forum

Thursday 11th, September 2014 / 02:27
5 Million Gmail Accounts Hacked And Exposed On Russian Bitcoin Forum

Gmail Hackers


Five Million Gmail Usernames And Passwords May Have Been Hacked and leaked to a Russian Bitcoin forum. There is no solid evidence to say that Google Gmail was actually hacked however sources are reporting that over 60% of the password and username data that was exposed on a Bitcoin forum located in Russia is still valid.

Because of the high profile of the parties involved in this situation a lot of the information is being suppressed. Details are still a bit murky but apparently there has been some sort of breach in security possibly threatening your Gmail account. Sources are saying they still don’t know when  or how it happened but are reporting that some of the data is old information but that the majority of that information is still very much in use today by unsuspecting users.

gmail, securityWhether or not this has anything to do with the anniversary of September 11th is not known but here we are on the eve of 9/11 and this could very well be the largest amount of emails hacked and exposed at one time in the history of email.

The best course of action is to go to to see if you account has been hacked and if so change your passwords immediately possibly implementing added security enabling 2-factor authentication just to make sure your account is secure.

The investigation into how this situation came to be is still ongoing but for those of our readers who use Gmail you need to take action immediately to either prevent or mitigate any damage or losses that could put your security at risk.

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