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ZeroHedge Article is Not Even Wrong…

Tuesday 18th, March 2014 / 07:57
ZeroHedge Article is Not Even Wrong…


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“Most tellingly, though, member nations of the International Monetary Fund are starting to revolt… As one of the major organizations spawned from the post-war financial structure, the IMF’s original goal was to ensure the smooth development of a new global financial system. …

India. China. Just about everyone imaginable is pushing for major IMF reform… These people [USA] have their heads buried in the sand so deep that they can’t even hear the rest of the world SCREAMING for a new financial system…

This is going to happen, whether the US wants it to or not…. And while no foreign government wants a collapse of the dollar, they do very much want an orderly rebalancing of the financial system. This is already under way.” –

This grossly misses the point. The rebalancing of IMF voting process and the change that it entails is a very small part of what is wrong with the world. Fractional reserve banking, the debasement of FIAT currencies by the “member nations of the International Monetary fund”, currency controls, haircuts, retroactive laws, and 50% or more taxation is the problem.

The governments of the word have had their chance at managing money and balancing budgets. My children would’ve done better. The world exceeds 100 Trillion in debt ( for governments to wage war, while children still go to bed hungry, and not everyone knows how to read or has access to clean drinking water.

Changing the voting structure of the IMF is very much like “rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic”. A new financial system is coming. It is one that will be peer to peer and it will disrupt banking. It is one in which banking still exists, but for the original reason for its invention, security. To ignore the advent of Bitcoin and Crypto currencies in general, as this article does, glaring evidence of the fear of not only the establishment, but the counter establishment as well.

We aren’t interested in what you’re selling. We will build a new world alongside the old and we will withdraw from the financial ruins you have brought upon yourself and upon us. The new financial world will be based on transparency. Transparency of finance, transparency of government, transparency of law. It will be a society of fairness because society will be watching and evil will no longer be able to hide in the shadows.

It will be a better world. You are welcome there, but you are not in charge. No one is. That’s the point.

Come, join us, we have milk, cookies and love. They’re delicious.


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