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Transmission 44 – Exclusive Interview with BTC Art Gallery

Monday 17th, August 2015 / 07:40
Transmission 44 – Exclusive Interview with BTC Art Gallery

This week on Transmission, Theo Goodman interviews the BTC Art Gallery which features the latest in Bitcoin Art. The new “Bitcoin Deal with it” is an adaptation of the classic “Deal with it” meme. The “Deal with it meme” is a universal response to disapproval, “the cool guy retort”.

Chinese Dragon

At the American Bankers Conference, the people in a room were asked if they own bitcoin. A lot of people raised their hand. But how many really own bitcoin? The Chinese dragon – does it represent the stranglehold that the Chinese exchanges have on the bitcoin price, or does it represent a spiritual being that is sending us the gift of bitcoin?

In the Spartan picture they are ready to fight the Persians, and the bitcoin Sparta picture represents defending bitcoin and the bitcoin price, as the ordinal used the words “HOLD”.

In one piece there are three doors each one representing a different path. Some paths are blocked by police or locked and one door is open and shows bitcoin in the distance. An indie record store has a sign that is quite similar to the western union advertisement, and the record store bitcoin ad reads, “moving money far better.”

Transmission is a weekly podcast featuring bitcoin, altcoins, and blockchain technology broadcasting live every Sunday at 3PM EST. The Spice Must Flow.

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