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Transmission 40 with Chris DeRose from the Counterparty Foundation

Wednesday 08th, July 2015 / 05:49
Transmission 40 with Chris DeRose from the Counterparty Foundation

This week, Theo Goodman, of Transmission, talks with Chris DeRose, Community Director of the Counterparty Foundation, about Counterparty, XCP, Smart Contracts and Blockchains. Chris also shares his opinion on the “Blockchain without Bitcoin” debate.

get-started-200x200What can you do on the Counterparty platform besides make tokens? What are smart contracts and what exactly is needed for them to work? Is the Bitcoin blockchain more than just a database?

Watch this week’s Transmission (video above) as DeRose answers these questions plus a whole lot more!

The Counterparty Foundation is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the growth and open development of the Counterparty platform.

Transmission is a weekly podcast featuring bitcoin, altcoins, and blockchain technology broadcasting live every Sunday at 3PM EST. The Spice Must Flow.

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