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Tin Foil Hats, Duck Duck Goose, and What it Means for Bitcoin

Sunday 12th, July 2015 / 10:24
Tin Foil Hats, Duck Duck Goose, and What it Means for Bitcoin


Market speculation is usually a tricky thing, but lately it seems the ducks have flown in and are landing right in a row, single file, for speculators to do what we love: speculate wildly on markets.

Here are the ducks. (Current factors influencing Bitcoin economy)

1. The Greek Tragedy (a greek comedy for crypto markets)

With Greece voting “no” to the harsh bailout conditions set by the IMF, they have left themselves with an unpredictable future. Banks in Greece are drying up. Originally set to reopen Monday, they will now remain closed until an agreement on debt repayment is reached. If one is not reached, it might be expected that Greek banks will collapse entirely, ushering in a re-adoption of the Greek Drachma, replacing the Euro as the national currency. European nations brace themselves for a slight pummeling that Greece’s exit will have on the Euro, but currently markets show relative stability as investors have faith that a bailout agreement can be reached.

As stubborn as Greece has shown itself to be, and as uncompromising as the IMF has shown to be, a deal may or may not be reached anytime soon. But the negotiations will surely resemble a Pawnstars haggle. In fact why doesn’t Greece hire Pawnstars to get them a deal?

All in all, this dying Greek duck is flapping and fanning the fire under cryptocurrency market speculations, and interest in Bitcoin surges. The formula (if it’s not obvious by now), is as global markets go down, cryptocurrency platforms become more enticing and go up, along with gold and silver. And with a worldwide debt laden mess unlike anything humankind has ever fathomed, it’s only a matter of time before one ship sinks and the other moons. (Moon means sails hard in crypto)

The next duck isn’t even a duck. Way bigger than a duck. Its a goose. And its a Chinese goose at that.

2. China

If you thought Greece was of any significance, just wait. That was only a duck, the next bird in the line up is way more influential to world markets, the Chinese market collapse makes the Greece fiasco hardly newsworthy. Greece is a speck to China. So, China is currently scrambling to stabilize a 30% crash, essentially rigging their own markets, (which they’re allowed to do, because its communism).

red_chinaIn 1929, the banks tried the same tactic to stabilize markets and all was then well. They were successful… for about 15 seconds. And you know what happened, props collapsed issuing an even harder collapse, and markets crashed harder than ever making way for the great depression. Knock on wood we don’t go there again.

But, China’s recent growth to become the world’s largest economy over the U.S. makes it that much more influential on the global markets. And if you think a 30% drop isn’t a big deal, maybe it’s not. Will Chinese markets tumble hard once(if) the rigging proves futile? This is anyone’s guess, but this goose’s awkward flailing to retain composure is fanning the fire under cryptocurrency markets. And the fire is getting warmer.

3. Spain, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Italy

All of these ducks are flapping away, Puerto Rico is at near economic collapse, and Spain and Italy are also taking major heat, suggesting that serious economic turmoil lies around the corner for them next.

So as you can see: its a synchronized line of shitting ducks, giving you a private shit dance.

4. The Duck in the Tinfoil Hat

This next duck is interesting for speculation. It may flap, may be a dud, we’ll see. But watch out for it just in case.

You may have noticed the Internet’s paranoid buzz over the massive military operation called “Jade Helm 15″ spanning 10 states, across the United States. Participants in the exercise will have red arm bands setting them apart from civilians.

tinfoil_hat_signBut unlike Nazi armbands, these armbands come with “jade helm” symbols, not swastikas. The similarities to the gestapo (Nazi secret police) raises questions in the paranoid conspiracy theorist’s mind, enough so much as to disturb enough concerned citizens writing to get even the Governor of Texas to put on a tin foil hat, to issue monitoring on the operation which deems Texas, Utah and parts of California as hostile territories.

The operation has maps deeming Utah and Texas as hostile territories, if they don’t expect that to make Texans paranoid I don’t know what they expect. Texas is already paranoid about everything, and they have lots of guns. Having heritage deeply rooted in distrusting the federal government, it always has been paranoid of authority. So yes, this whole jade helm thing freaks Texas out. As well as ducks across the country, quacking up a storm, connecting the exercise with underground Walmart tunnels, alien invasion, and the establishment of martial law. Concerned community members are quacking. There really is a quack storm about this, and the mainstream media isn’t covering it much. And the military isn’t making it any better, they come in to answer questions about it and give vague answers and almost make you think they actually are up to something. Simultaneously, Texas is asking the federal government for their gold back. So I guess this makes Texas a duck too.

Now the date this duck lands is July 15. So what happens remains anyone’s guess until then. I would assume it’s a benign exercise, but their secrecy and massiveness will be spanning 10 states. As a market speculator, I am going to assume the movement of military forces into our communities will NOT be good for markets other than the new world order stock, that stock might go flying. But historically war tends to crash markets.

If people feel war of some kind coming, markets will crash, trust in government will plummet.. and what else? Reallocation of trust in decentralized currencies and gold will concur.

Now, is this a legitimate threat to the United States? Probably not, the military has been running exercises inside the country since the beginning. But will the dawn of this massive of an operation affect the Economy? Especially with Greece exiting the Eurozone, making a tiny pinprick in the world markets (which many leading economists calculate is a hugely inflated bubble anyway).

I pass the whole thing off as fear, our military is loaded with patriots, I know a lot of them and I trust the people involved. But I do like conspiracy theories because, well, they’re fun. Its good to think “what if”. and who knows tin foil hats might block mind reading rays. Everyone wearing them will be laughing when the rest of us start marching off as automotons. And these human factors influencing markets, there’s no science able to predict it. All these ducks lined up for us could fly away at any second and leave us tripping in their poo chasing them. But from the above factors, the market forecast is ridiculously favorable for crypto, at least on paper. And the good news is, if you’re reading this, you are probably invested in the right place at the right time. So pat yourself on the back. Not yet though. If we reach moon.

This has been another bitcoin market speculation report, I am Josh Trembath with duck duck goose news. You’re it, and goodnight.

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