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4 years ago

Swarm Redefines Crowdfunding

Swarm Redefines Crowdfunding

There has been a lot of talk in recent months regarding the role of cryptocurrency for the future of crowdfunding…

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Bitstamp Hacked

Bitstamp Hacked

According to the Bitstamp website, they have belief that their hot wallet has been compromised. A public statement on their website…



Why the IRS Fears Bitcoin

Why the IRS Fears Bitcoin  New York Times Bitcoin tanks more than 10% to below $11000; South Korea announces details on…

Bitcoin Exchange Rate

1 BTC = $10150.00 USD  (via Coinbase)
1 ETH = $925.49 USD  (via Coinbase)
1 LTC = $167.34 USD  (via Coinbase)
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