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Sky’s the Limit – Moving forward with Bitcoin

Saturday 19th, April 2014 / 12:29
Sky’s the Limit – Moving forward with Bitcoin

Bitcoin Sky LimitThe sky’s the limit when it comes to Bitcoin and recently we’ve seen our predictions hit the mainstream, including this recent article from Xapo CEO commenting on how Bitcoin could reach the million dollar mark in value. BTC World News crunched the numbers in Nov 2013 publishing an article, (Bitcoin reaches $500.00) predicting that for Bitcoin to change the world, the value should range between 1.4 and 2.1 Million per Bitcoin based on 21 million Bitcoins.

There’s currently 7,193,325,000 people in the world according to Worldometers, and in order for Bitcoin to truly make an impact with this many people, the value of Bitcoin would need to be roughly $150,000 per Bitcoin or about 9% of it’s matured value of 1.4 -2.1 million per Bitcoin based on 21 million Bitcoins. 

It’s great to see our prediction water tested by other Bitcoin professionals and hit the mainstream because if others believe, then the possibility for this to become real increases in potential which leads us to the point of this article.

If you are not buying Bitcoin have you asked yourself why?

With prices hovering around $500 per Bitcoin, this is the time to step in and become part of the future. We also predicted in an article we wrote October of 2013, (Bitcoin Rally) that the price of Bitcoin would be where they are today due to the simple fact that it’s getting worldwide exposure.

We also noted in previous articles posted on that at the current rate of increase, Bitcoin’s value likely could be around $300-500 per Bitcoin by first quarter of 2014 and we believe this will still hold true at this stage of Bitcoin’s evolution.

With exposure comes both the pros and con’s which contribute to the current price state. It’s reasonable to understand that some people are gun-shy because of the real letdown’s brought on by the stock market and poor government choices. But think about this for a moment. Bitcoin is its own economy, it’s not Wall Street or Government controlled by any means.

For example, You cannot take a stock certificate from your portfolio and head down to your local Starbucks and buy a cup of coffee or login to and find a great deal on just about anything without exchanging a stock back into some form of currency where by the time that original stock arrives in your bank account days or even weeks later, you’ve likely moved on to some other idea that’s popped into your head.

We’ve seen over the last few months, hackers steal countless Bitcoins as well CEO’s run off with other people’s money, (Neo Bee and Mt. Gox to mention a few), though the bare basic truth to that is, each one of them will be found and brought to justice, it’s just a matter of time. Even the Dread Pirate Roberts from the infamous Silk Road could not hide from authorities using the encrypted TOR network. Humanity has always had a way of pushing the scum to the surface each and every time.

The basic fact is, if you’re on Earth, you will be found. Though in hindsight, it has raised the bar and set the standard to improve on an endless array of security practices which encouraged exchanges such as Coinbase to make the right choices to protect our Bitcoins to the highest standards.

It was a necessary evil for these things to occur and as a result has strengthened Bitcoin in this new world economy.

With just these simple and few points mentioned here, we circle around to our original question, why haven’t you bought your first Bitcoin? Keep in mind you don’t have to buy a whole Bitcoin, buy a quarter Bitcoin or even a tenth and give it a try. See for yourself how easy it is to become part of the future.

Interested in Bitcoin, check out Coinbase to get started. 

Moving forward, BTC World News will offer a new prediction, by the third part of this year 2014 we should see Bitcoin near the $1000.00 mark once again and start a steady increase towards thousands starting in 2015. More than likely we will re-visit this article to point out the how’s and why’s.

The bottom line is that the world has made the investment in Bitcoin both large and small and you should too because the sky’s the limit moving forward with Bitcoin.


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