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Resy Becomes First iOS App to Integrate Coinbase OAuth2 Protocol

Thursday 04th, September 2014 / 14:43
Resy Becomes First iOS App to Integrate Coinbase OAuth2 Protocol


Last week, Resy, the New York-based restaurant reservations app for last-minute premier tables, became the first iOS app to fully integrate the Coinbase OAuth2 protocol and enable its customers to make seamless payments using bitcoin. Available immediately in the Apple App Store for free, Resy is one of the first bitcoin iOS integrations to emerge since the Apple ban on bitcoin wallets was lifted in June. And as of today, consumers can also pay for reservations with bitcoin on their Android devices.

Instead of settling for an early or late reservation at the hottest restaurant in town, Resy helps consumers land a table during prime time hours (say 8pm vs. 5pm) by paying a small fee, with little to no advanced planning. Using Coinbase’s OAuth2 functionality, Resy can now accept bitcoin payments from customers via their Coinbase wallet following initial authorization.

The Resy team was able to integrate in a matter of days, and even built a Coinbase Python 3 client library. We believe bitcoin on mobile is just getting started and we’d love to hear from more developers interested in working with us to enable bitcoin on mobile.

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