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Places – Your Place in the Bitcoin Community

Monday 02nd, September 2013 / 14:43
Places – Your Place in the Bitcoin Community

placesWelcome to Places at BTC World News.

Places is a new section of BTC World News dedicated to providing a Free advertising platform for businesses, services and independent professionals related to Bitcoin.

Begin today by signing up for a Free Place and extend your marketing, advertising and brand recognition in the Bitcoin Community.

There’s no cost’s, fee’s or strings attached to join, it’s our way at BTC World News to spread the word about the Bitcoin Community.

Places combines useful features similar to Facebook Business Pages, Angie’s List and the News all in one place to provide, feature and promote your Bitcoin business world wide. The difference is, at Places you’ll only find Bitcoin related Businesses, Services, and similar here. So why wait any longer, start building your Place today. Join Places

As part of our soft launch, we want to see what your Bitcoin place is about. We’ll be tailoring this site to meet the needs of the Community.

Why Join Places?

The question should be, why not join places, it’s free and provides the Bitcoin Community an avenue to extend business, brand and Bitcoin presence. At BTC World News we reach thousands of individuals with Bitcoin related news. On average, our analytics show a 54% new visitors increase per month. Combining the News and Places together creates an excellent opportunity to bring Bitcoin Businesses and People together.

Places utilizes a traditional blogging platform to compose each place. Places enables you to add galleries, items, content, rating systems, place specific SEO and even full page Google Street Views to feature your Place.

In hindsight, we consider Places to be the best of both worlds serving in the public interest.

Be among the first to establish your Place today and welcome to Places at BTC World News. We look forward to seeing what your Place is all about.

Visit us at BTC World NewsWe hope you’ve enjoyed this article on Places at BTC World News and hope you would consider donating some BTC to us here at BTC World News. Simply click the Donate link to donate any amount of BTC. Your contribution is great appreciated. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @BTCWorldNews and like us on for all the latest Bitcoin News, Information and Trends. And now, join Places today and create your place in the bitcoin community.

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