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Patrick Byrne: Cryptocurrency Will Be Bigger Than the Internet Itself

Wednesday 22nd, October 2014 / 23:54
Patrick Byrne: Cryptocurrency Will Be Bigger Than the Internet Itself


Yesterday, during an interview with Jason Burack, host of the YouTube program WallStForMainSt, CEO Patrick Byrne, predicted that within 7 to 8 years cryptocurrency would rock the very foundations of the World.

During the YouTube Interview, the Indiana-born entrepreneur discusses a wide range of topics – from his fear of being “locked up” in prison – to his vision of how digital currency will alter life as we know it.

Candidly sharing his thoughts about jail, Byrne said:

I have ticked off a lot of people in Washington. So I took up yoga the last few years, because it’s the only sport you can do in a jail cell.

In regards to cryptocurrency, the CEO had this to say:

The people that are involved in Crypto (have a sense) that this will be bigger than the Internet. It could be a bigger change for society than the Internet itself.

Many of Patrick’s comments resonated with my vision of the future landscape, and serve to reinforce my belief that alternative currencies are the wave of the future.

gold-coinsThis writer can envision the day where Goldcoin (GLD) is the number one cryptocurrency around the globe, bringing freedom and independence to a corrupted system previously controlled by the banking elite.

Patrick M. Byrne is the CEO of the Internet retailer Byrne received his B.A. from Dartmouth, studied at Cambridge University as a Marshall Scholar, and earned a PhD in Philosophy from Stanford University. He co-founded in 1997 and became CEO in 1999.

Do you feel cryptocurrencies will bring a greater change to society than the Internet? Log in below using your favorite social media network and weigh in on the discussion.

Image via Wired

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