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[Op Ed] Bitcoin: New Technology, Familiar Revolution

Sunday 30th, June 2013 / 13:45

My favorite day of the year is coming up on Thursday. It would be tough not to like July 4th – it’s a day of bbqs, beer, friends, and a celebration of the day when a group of idealists chose to stand together against to the most powerful empire in the world in the name of liberty. As I write this from a plane on my way to the Bitcoin London conference, it first seemed ironic that we’re going to be in the land of the oppressor from whom we’re celebrating our freedom. Upon deeper consideration, it’s actually rather fitting: we’re about to join a group of individuals promoting a technology that just might be able to restore many of the liberties that have been slowly whittled away by a government demonstrating ever-increasing signs of tyranny. There are a number of reasons bitcoin is gaining popularity now, not the least of which is the fundamental human desire for freedom. Understanding that modern warfare is being fought with technological and financial…

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