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Ode to Julia

Tuesday 17th, June 2014 / 23:43
Ode to Julia


When I first heard of Julia, she called me a bitch . Her voice was so clear, so loud, and so crisp.

I was taken aback, (right away, I might add) Her words were so truthful; I felt angry, and sad.

I thought I “got” bitcoin! It’s the future of finance! I should want to teach governments and give them a chance!

How to deal with this chick, she challenges all that I know… Do I hate her, embrace her, or meet her and grow?

Her Vines are mesmerizing , she speaks without fear. Her thoughts are so radical, with an odd kind of cheer.

I reach out over Facebook and propose meeting up, She gets back to me quickly, and says, simply, “yup.”

The first time we meet was quite a surprise. She hugged me, showed happiness; I felt like a prize!

We bonded quite quickly, we talked over drinks, “This girl has mad brains, I’ll record all her thinks.”

She took me shooting – taught me to shoot trap I peeked in her head; now there’s no going back…

“So bitcoin,” I said, “tell me how you got in?” “Well, where do I start?” I said, “just begin.”

First, she tried to buy drugs on the fated Silk Road, but chickened out before buying as she lives with her folks.

Then, at the Expo, she met up with Amir, heard Andreas’ speech and Bitcoin became clear.

“Bitcoin’s empowerment! I’ll listen to them,”; she wanted to learn more, so she met Charlie Shrem.

New York taught her much and the gears started turning –  moment by moment, Julia was learning.

She was a bitch but she made the transition, because she tapped into knowledge and she chose to listen.

“Everything new is treated with fear: the bicycle, the car, it’s all just so clear.”

She listens, she listens, seeks out all honesty and realizes that Bitcoin = economic sovereignty.

Julia Tourianski - painted by Y.T. Coin Artist (Marguerite Torres)

Julia Tourianski – painted by Y.T. Coin Artist (Marguerite Torres)

Born in Yeysk, Russia, she knows of corruption. Her dad paid two governments* to avoid any disruption.

Home-schooled by her mom, they lived a good life, but the *mafia’s taxes creates trouble and strife.

She and her family, younger sister in tow, left post-USSR Russia for Canada –  to grow.

Her dad’s manual labour allowed the family to live – her father worked construction to come home and give.

A Libertarian for a while, she then learned about anarchy –  her lifestyle came first, then came her philosophy.

“Labels can limit, but they can also empower. But centralized, imposed ruling makes people cower.”

Anarchy – for her –  is a lifestyle of freedom! “Leave the people alone! Then our earth can be eden.”

“But statists be like, ‘who will build the roads ?’ Private corps. already do this, that’s just how it goes.”

No aggression, no rulers, don’t provide the solutions.  Just empower the humans, dismantle institutions.

Problems are solved day by day, bottom up, not top-down, by rulers, as central power corrupts.

The only way this works is to break up into states who can choose their own leaders!”, Julia postulates.

“We must live cooperatively, community-based. For an ethical revolution, that must be the base.”

“No communism or socialism, let’s be individuals. This is why p2p is so beautiful: we’re all equal citizens.

We function in communities, worldwide but still small. We can work without centralized rulers, or top-down control.

Let’s be like the Wildlings!  They all live in tribes. In control of who they follow, they’re in control of their lives.

If they don’t like their rulers they’re allowed to break free. They aren’t held to their leader, or by any decree.”

The scariest thing to Julia is so crystal clear: this emerging ‘New World Order’ is the base of her fear.

“The most terrifying thing is unifying us all. When you centralize the power, individuals become small.

No nations! No states! Just communities that compete! (And that’s not a bad thing as it dismantles the elite.)

Why can’t we all butt heads and follow who we CHOOSE? Instead of imposed, corrupt rule where 99% of us lose?

Bitcoin is power; we vote with our money. If you love England’s queen, then use the pound, honey.

If you support individuals, then use cryptocurrency, because times, they’re a changin- and we’re living in urgency.”

Julia is no fool. Her eyes are wide open. She flies off to Bilderberg to protest the broken .

We bond over Andreas , and we both have hope. We both love Bitcoin; she thinks it’s, quote, “dope.”

“Use the internet,” she says, “to build your own life, fund your family’s travel, avoid 9-5 strife.

People jump into moulds of social engineering, but a new form of lifestyle is quickly appearing.”

So keep speaking up, keep speaking your truth! Don’t give in, don’t apologize, empower our youth!

Don’t pander to governments, or foundations or organizations! We are returning to communities and dismantling nations!

Bitcoin is pure but it’s facing ‘correction’ And that’s taking it into a different direction.

It’s not meant for the system ! That’s why it was invented! We don’t need it approved! We don’t need it consented!”


Julia’s optimistic. She’s now full of hope. An artist and philosopher, she’s not one to mope.

She’s a fighter, a truth teller, and she does give a f*ck: “Just teach the people –education gets them unstuck.

When we replace empathy onto the shoulders governments, we achieve simply nothing and remain in strict covenants.

So take back the power and just BE GOOD. When we teach men to fish, personal power is understood.”

Bitcoin is the key to the lock to the door …we are waiting to open it, and we are waiting no more.

Feature image painted by Y.T. Coin Artist.  Follow her on Twitter @coin_artist  – tip her via her QR code below:


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