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New Coinbase team members

Wednesday 21st, May 2014 / 10:00
New Coinbase team members

We’re excited to announce five great additions to the team: Adrian Macneil, Daniel Romero, Maksim Stephanenko, Miha Rebernik and Brittany Oliver.

Adrian Macneil – Software Engineer

Originally from New Zealand, Adrian recently moved to the Bay Area to join the Coinbase team. Adrian’s interest in bitcoin grew after working with multiple startups and seeing how unnecessarily slow and complicated the traditional payment processing networks are. When not answering questions about Hobbits and Flight of the Conchords, Adrian works in our Engineering team as a full stack developer.

Daniel Romero – Manager of Business Development

Dan previously worked as at Envoy on product and business development. Prior to that, he worked at Bain & Company. He holds a BA in English from Duke University.

Maksim Stepanenko – Software Engineer

Prior to joining Coinbase, Maksim worked as a software engineer at Locu. Before that, he spent his summers interning at Google and also worked at the MIT Media Lab. He holds a bachelors degree in computer science from MIT. In his free time he loves doing taekwondo, running, and reading. Also, he’s from Kyrgyzstan and enjoys explaining to people where that is.

Miha Rebernik – Software Engineer

Miha designs, builds and ships products. All the time. Before joining Coinbase, he co-founded DoubleRecall, a Y Combinator backed company, Dubjoy and Timekiwi amongst many others. When not crafting code he loves to bike, cook and take photos of serene landscapes. 

Brittany Oliver – Recruiting Coordinator 

Brittany was previously recruiting at Validant, specializing in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology space. She attended University of California, Santa Barbara and graduated with a BA in Communication. Brittany is passionate about baking, Pilates, and being outdoors. 

Welcome Adrian, Daniel, Maksim, Miha and Brittany!

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