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Max Keiser Climbs Back on Maxcoin Bandwagon

Friday 16th, May 2014 / 08:49
Max Keiser Climbs Back on Maxcoin Bandwagon


Just as Maxcoin investors were about to give up the ship and throw in their crypto towels, a series of bullish events have begun to unfold for the online currency.

On Friday, an outspoken critic of Maxcoin, and controversial figure on Bitcointalk, reported to have spoken with Max Keiser representatives. According to BCX, Keiser is working behind the scenes with third parties to build out infrastructure for the next phase in Maxcoin’s development.

Business backers as well as a host of top sites that will dabble in alts for the first time. Mainly ecommerce sites in the UK but supposedly a top tier merchandise site in the USA.

Then a few days later, on Monday, May 12, Maxcoin lead developer, Luke Mitchell entered the conversation to confirm that the team is in fact working with developers on a number of MaxCoin related projects.

The coin is still under development and is not going away any time soon. The MaxCoin community is growing and, despite the negative press it receives, we are working with developers on a number of MaxCoin related projects.

Then Yesterday, just to silence any remaining doubters, Max Keiser himself tweeted that the Maxcoin price was an “easy double” from its current range.


Maxcoin (MAX) is a popular digital currency that allows consumers to make online purchases with little to no fee. Maxcoin is currently trading at an all-time low at just under 5 cents per coin with a market capitalization of $ 961,409, according to

Do you feel that Maxcoin will in fact rebound or will the price continue to plummet? Log in below using your favorite social network and weigh in on the discussion.

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