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Las Vegas Gold Spike Takes a Shot at Bitcoin

Tuesday 29th, April 2014 / 14:00
Las Vegas Gold Spike Takes a Shot at Bitcoin


Fremont Street and the surrounding Downtown Las Vegas area are in the midst of an impressive rebirth. And what better way to ring in the new than with shots all around via Bitcoin!

It’s all happening tomorrow at the Gold Spike on Las Vegas Boulevard, a top-rated nightclub owned by Tony Hsieh, CEO of The downtown Las Vegas bar will begin testing bitcoin payments on Tuesday to find out if it’s a payment option they could integrate into their business.

One of the event’s organizers took to Reddit a few hours ago to spread the good news:

We are hosting this month’s bitcoin meetup at the Goldspike and have worked with them to accept BTC for it. It is very important that we get a good turnout to test bitcoin with, show them the community, and potentially get bitcoin into more of Tony Hsieh’s projects!

The trial will begin tomorrow in conjunction with a Las Vegas Bitcoin meet-up that begins at 7PM. The public is welcome to join the group tomorrow as they gather at the Gold Spike in hopes of spreading Bitcoin awareness to more Las Vegas businesses from Fremont all the way to the Vegas strip!

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2009 by the infamous Satoshi Nakamoto. Many analysts have compared digital currencies like Bitcoin (BTC), and Goldcoin (GLD), to physical gold, as the coins are exceedingly rare, have a finite supply, and must be discovered through a process called mining.

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