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HTMLCOIN Announces BIG Changes To Its Cryptocurrency

Tuesday 02nd, September 2014 / 01:13
HTMLCOIN Announces BIG Changes To Its Cryptocurrency


HTMLCOIN has announced the coming of HTML5, the new upgraded cryptocurrency version will feature the X11 Algorithm re-targeting with Dark Gravity Wave along with a new logo.

Current owners of HTMLCOIN will now be able to swap to HTML5 at ratios between 8:1 to 20:1 depending on timing of the swap as an incentive to make the swap as soon as possible. This is a huge reward for the early adopters of HTMLCOIN and looks to reward them very well.

Cryptocurrency News sites are reporting that HTMLCOIN is the sleeper coin of 2014 with the transition to HTML5 and it looks fairly certain that along with the massive organically grown dedicated community that has surrounded HTMLCOIN since inception that HTML5 will surpass all expectations and skyrocket to the top of the ranks competing with many of the top rated cryptocurrencies including bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency exchanges Bleutrade and Comkort are currently preparing to facilitate swaps from HTMLCOIN which will be discontinued to HTML5 at ratios mentioned above. The core development team has reported that HTML5 is in final stages of testing and will be available soon.

Microsoft team hunts down Botnet computer programmersHTML5 looks to expand via mobile wallets on both Android and IOS. The team is also working on securing additional merchants to add to list of supporters, more point-of-sale options via Coin-to-Pay, Casheer Apps etc., more exchange sites, and new mining pools. The team has taken steps to renew not only the look of the currency but also the concept, technology, accounting, management, flexibility and community reward for the dedication and faith in HTMLCOIN since it’s birth early in 2014.

This is most certainly a cryptocurrency to watch and if you are looking to invest in a cryptocurrency that has stood the test of time and has an organic approach to its growth maybe HTML5 is an option.

Currently you can purchase HTMLCOIN at a very low-cost at Bleutrade or Comkort  and when HTML5 is release HTMLCOINS will be swapped out at ratios or 8:1 to 20:1. Additional exchanges are expected to participate but as of today only Bleutrade and Comkort can facilitate swap outs when ready.

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