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Goldcoin Developer to Put Multiple Coins Into a Single Wallet

Saturday 19th, April 2014 / 09:36
Goldcoin Developer to Put Multiple Coins Into a Single Wallet


Locked away behind a sophisticated firewall, a series of routers and switches, and a maze of multi-colored network cables, is a soft-spoken software developer on a mission. The goal, to take his growing cryptocurrency securely to the industry’s cutting edge – once again.

What if a wallet could be written in Java that would run on any platform? What if this wallet was open-source, modular, and supported plugins for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin? Well, according to Goldcoin (GLD) lead developer, Amir Eslampanah, who invented the coin’s 51% defense system, his latest creation to be released soon, will do exactly that:

In terms of wallet functionality, modularity, security, and sheer performance, the Goldcoin wallet will be unrivaled. Block download times will also be decreased considerably thanks to on-the-fly compression and multi-threaded download capability.

This should be viewed as more welcome news by Goldcoin investors, and comes on the heels of the recent IRS ruling that saw the GLD price spike more than 50% during the past week.


Jon Matonis, Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation, recently said in an article that the IRS tax treatment for cryptocurrency transactions may have temporarily impeded one avenue in a single jurisdiction, but in the process opened up another more significant avenue.

An IRS “property” classification for bitcoin reaffirms it’s status as “digital gold” because it tacitly encourages one type of monetary activity (store of value) over another (medium of exchange)

young_peopleIn order for Goldcoin (GLD) to successfully reach its goal of becoming the number one digital currency, it will need to continue its current climb and maintain a somewhat vertical trajectory, even if bitcoin continues to falter. Its focus on security and innovation certainly won’t hurt its chances.

If the past month is any indication of what’s possible, it might not be long before young people everywhere are learning about Goldcoin, as their parents sit at home reminiscing about the good ole’ days when Bitcoin was once the undisputed king of cryptocurrency.

Do you think Goldcoin could dispel the critics and reach the altcoin promised land? Log in below using your favorite social network and weigh in on the discussion.

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