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Fidelity Charitable Donors Can Now Contribute Bitcoin

Wednesday 25th, November 2015 / 21:56
Fidelity Charitable Donors Can Now Contribute Bitcoin

Fidelity Charitable, the second largest charity in the U.S., is now partnered with Coinbase to allow people to contribute bitcoin to their donor-advised funds. Fidelity Charitable worked with Fidelity Labs, a unit of Fidelity Investments on the integration.


Bitcoin is useful in the world of charitable giving because it allows people to quickly and cheaply contribute any amount of value globally. Fidelity Charitable is now allowing donors to make bitcoin donations via our email invoicing tool. See here for more details on how you can now make a contribution with bitcoin.

This partnership is the latest example of a large organization leveraging the power of the world’s largest, most secure blockchain, the Bitcoin blockchain. As always, reach out to us on Twitter and in our community to discuss!

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