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Enough is Enough

Tuesday 28th, May 2013 / 21:24
Enough is Enough

Enough is enough with the Government attacks on Bitcoin Exchanges.

Enough is EnoughIn recent reports, the U.S. Government appears to be at it again, doing exactly what they are claiming to be defending against. Utilizing different masks to go in and put another black eye on the Bitcoin Network by attacking another Exchange. The fact is, enough is enough already and it’s time to create awareness.

It’s time to ask yourself, how is it different this time, that the Government can use the Patriot Act to seize everything and last time use Homeland Security as their vessel? Where we’re they 6 months ago, 1 year ago. Only lately has the Government started this wide spread crackdown. It seems to have the qualities of Government bullying.

What’s next, a hybrid seizure based on Obama Care? ( get it, “seizure”, Obama Care”.. )

It would seem since the Bitcoin Network is generally an anonymous system, this is Uncle Sam’s way to make inflated allegations on everything’s associated to money laundering, pornography and crime.

And in this case, for the government to allege that 6 billion is linked with this, is ludacris. It’s naive to think that the Exchange’s are the issue here and if the government is suggesting this, then imagine how much is really associated to crime and money laundering.

And for that matter, why these alleged criminals would be doing this on American soil and in such tremendous proportion makes no sense when with a click of a mouse, it all can be transferred elsewhere, never to be seen again.

Something smell’s fishy for sure.

Without a doubt, there is likely some fraction of illegal activity occurring, but 6 billion in 1 place, that would be the bust of the decade dont you think? Except, where’s the alleged criminals in this, those who possessed the money being said to laundered and so forth?

A few questions to ask to create awareness here are,

  • How is it being traced when Bitcoin is an anonymous system?
  • For that matter, who’s the government targeting next?
  • The Treasury states, “widely used by criminals”, where did this intel come from?

Overall, I’m not condoning any crimes that are being alleged and absolutely agree that if the Government has completely identified the user’s associated with the allegation, then YES, the Government should enforce justice on those alleged user’s. Though on the article posted by The Hill , Liberty Reserve maintained over one million user accounts where over 200,000 user accounts were in the USA alone.

Of that 6 billion being alleged,

  • How much money is really associated here to criminal activity? It’s fairly easy to figure some accurate number by reviewing the block chain for that wallet addresses in question and tally up the total transaction amount which might be a good place to start you think?
  • How many user’s and/or accounts are being accused? I seriously doubt that the mass majority of criminal’s out there is using Liberty Reserve for their operations.

It’s preposterous to believe for one split moment that all 1 million people are criminally related which asks,

  • How many legit user’s are now out of money and/or their Bitcoin’s?
  • Is the approach the Government is taking any different than the allegations their making?
  • Is the Government misusing the Patriot Act and or Homeland Security?

Enough is enough with these wide spread attacks on the Exchanges, there needs to be some layer of protection added for free trade. It’s alarmingly clear that the USA may not be onboard, even perhaps a bit “two-faced” with Bitcoin and Exchanges. Attributing 6 billion and a few key public buzz words and scare tactics are placing the Government in the exact same boat as the accused.

The bottom line here is, that freedom, liberty and the right to free trade is being tested and we’re either going to let the Government take our liberties away while we cower under a rock or we can stand united and insist the government answer for it’s actions.

Enough is EnoughEven with all the scrutiny and red tape associated to Gun Control laws and reform, at least their’s parties in place to fight for those freedom’s that are being challenged.

  • What and who do we have in place to fight for our financial freedoms?

There’s one thing I know for absolute certain, there’s plenty of lawyer’s in America. Perhaps it’s time a few good attorney’s to step up and get involved for a good cause and offer their expertise to ensure freedom’s are maintained.

I don’t believe that it’s without reason that the Government can legitimately say user X, Y and Z are accused of A, B and C. But to penalize 1 Million user’s and a thriving economic system in one fail swoop is out of control.

If this were the case, than every single financial institution in the world should be seized by the Government as without doubt the same occurs there also on a daily basis.

The sad truth in part is, they’ve not brought the alleged person(s) to justice with this massive seizure, just seized money… again.

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