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Cryptocurrency as a Career? Universities Offering Digital Currency Classes

Saturday 29th, August 2015 / 11:30
Cryptocurrency as a Career? Universities Offering Digital Currency Classes


Digital currency has grown to be its own industry, a niche that offers a dynamic financial future. More and more people are turning to the decentralized economy offered by digital currency to escape governmental regulations and to remain under the radar. In fact, the total number of people using digital currency is unknown, but the industry’s worth continues to grow.

On the business end, more and more people are becoming digital currency professionals and entrepreneurs. Many colleges have jumped aboard and are now offering cryptocurrency classes.

Princeton Classes

For instance, Princeton University is now offering the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies class on Coursera. Virtually anyone can hop online and take the course, which offers 6 weeks of study and covers classes ranging from an introduction to cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin mining and more.

As far as brick-and-mortar classes go, Duke offers a class that discusses the potential of businesses using the block chain. NYU has also offered digital currency classes.

Since cryptocurrency is still such a new concept to people around the world, it couldn’t hurt to take a class. For people who want a fresh career that merges technology and banking, digital currency offers some interesting opportunities. For instance, people with a vested background in cryptocurrency can find freelance work doing development or beta work. Some people are even finding ways to weave a consulting business with their digital currency knowledge.

Untapped Industry

The cryptocurrency industry is still growing and is still largely untapped. Now that colleges in the U.S. are offering digital currency classes, it’s only a matter of time before exciting new careers start to pop up.

Will these new cryptocurrency classes help forge the future of digital currency in the United States and around the world? We’ll probably start to see the results as a new wave of digital currency experts graduate and go out into the workforce.

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