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CrowdTilt (and Soylent) Are Now Accepting Bitcoin Via Coinbase!

Wednesday 07th, August 2013 / 01:04
CrowdTilt (and Soylent) Are Now Accepting Bitcoin Via Coinbase!

CrowdTilt (one of the most popular group funding platforms) has started accepting bitcoin using Coinbase!  In particular through their platform.

CrowdHoster is a sort of DIY version of KickStarter with lower fees.  People have used it with a number of really cool products like Lockitron and Soylent.

The payment screen integration is pretty slick, with a tab right next to the typical credit card option.  This is a great example of an integration because:

* It makes bitcoin available without making it the default (yet) since most volume will still happen through credit cards today

* But it does allow you (the merchant) to participate in the upside of bitcoin today, and start saving money on fees

The name of the game in payment checkout flows is increasing conversion rate, and every payment method option you add helps with this.

If you are a merchant or platform that is considering a bitcoin integration, you can read more about our merchant tools here.

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