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Coinbase Referral Bonuses Have Increased From $25 to $75!

Monday 24th, August 2015 / 12:24
Coinbase Referral Bonuses Have Increased From $25 to $75!

A month ago we launched a revamped version of our referral program, and it has been an outstanding success. Since then, we’ve paid out over $20,000 in commissions to people who’ve referred their friends to Coinbase (and helped them get their first bitcoin).

Our referral program is simple. For each person you refer who buys at least $100 worth of bitcoin, we’ll pay you a referral bonus. That bonus used to be $25, but today we’re increasing it to $75. We’ve crunched the numbers and decided we want to invest in Bitcoin’s growth for the long term and increase our support for the people and companies that are bringing new users to Bitcoin. Luckily, we have the capital to do just that.


To find your referral link and try it out, simply visit the invite friends page in your Coinbase account (you’ll need to be signed in). You can share your referral link on Facebook, Twitter, a website, or in an email or text message to friends. This will give you credit for anyone who signs up and buys $100 worth of bitcoin after clicking your link. You can also create referral links to other pages. See our support article for more information on the topic.

As the world’s easiest place to buy bitcoin (now in 26 countries), we hope this program helps millions of people around the world get their first bitcoin.

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