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Coinbase Internal Hackathon v2

Monday 21st, December 2015 / 12:23
Coinbase Internal Hackathon v2

Coinbase Internal Hackathon v2

We recently hosted our second internal hackathon at Coinbase HQ. While we are committed to making it easy for people to buy bitcoin, we also spend a lot of our free time thinking about the new behaviors that an open, global payment protocol can uniquely enable. This 48-hour hackathon gave us a few work days to explore some of these possibilities.

Teams of Coinbase engineers, designers and business ops people came together to work on a variety of different projects; the only requirement was that we had to do work outside the bounds of our normal work. After a couple sleepless nights and lots of caffeine and Soylent, we gathered together and presented our projects. Here are a few of the most interesting projects that emerged:

Coinbase Internal Hackathon v2

  • Slack-Tipbot: A Slack bot that makes it easy to reward coworkers with bits and is simple for any team to setup

  • Refraction: An implementation of the Xim bitcoin exchange protocol

  • Wave: A visualization tool for examining local wifi networks

  • Electrum for Android: An Android implementation of the Electrum bitcoin wallet

We believe that the creativity and talent of developers from across the world is going to bring Bitcoin to the masses and were encouraged by the projects that shipped in just 48 hours. Often times things that begin as toys can end up transforming into products that change people’s lives. We hope to see some of these projects develop further in the near future and also hope to see many others emerge.

If you’re interested in helping us build products like these, send us a note. And if you’re interested in building yourself, get started here!

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