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Chief Financial FUD Peddlers

Wednesday 22nd, November 2017 / 07:25

FUD PeddlersWhy you shouldn’t believe Chief Financial FUD peddlers can be answered in part by these simple and straightforward reasons.

At BTC World News we’d like to take this opportunity to share an opinion on this topic.

  1. Foremost, “Misery likes company”!It’s not unreasonable to think that individuals who “damn the system” are the same people who have zero Bitcoins.

    As well, they likely have minimal if no interest in the crypto-revolution aside of spitting fire on it.

    Simply stated, CFO’s cheer and rally when traditional money is generated in their interests. Whereas these same “Debbie Downers” seem to lack the fundamental ability to forecast that times are changing?

    Truth is, if they don’t get on board, they might miss the boat.

    **** Isn’t financial forecasting amongst the core responsibilities of a CFO?

  2. Let’s not overlook flashy FUD News outlets like CNBC who recently channeled a “survey” portraying skewed results. Would these surveys have the same results if they required identifiable disclosure?

It’s important to heed that these entities are the same who do everything within their limits to maintain self-preservation. They have no regard except for themselves and their own bottom line.

The moral of the story is, CFO’s and FUD peddling news continue to miss the crypto-revolution mark!

Have you asked yourself lately how these FUD peddlers are able to maintain their roles, having lost touch?

Rally on BitCoin!

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