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CannabisCoin Looks to ‘Get High’ After Block Halving

Sunday 28th, June 2015 / 14:52
CannabisCoin Looks to ‘Get High’ After Block Halving


A special love weed is overtaking the nation as bong puffers the world over begin using crypto to purchase the multi-useful plant medicine. Cannabis is a sacred flowering plant that has been demonized for decades in many western societies.

But now the tide is turning, and it seems that much of the irrational resistance to this miracle plant is going up in smoke. A quick Google search reveals endless news stories of favorable legislation creeping across the states. And as more buyers line up to purchase the wacky wonder weed, merchants look to cannabis-themed cryptocurrencies for collecting on their nickle and dime bag wares.

CannabisCoin (CANN) is a new payment solution geared towards these marijuana dispensaries and online merchants. The coin once held a position in the top 15 with a marketcap of over $5 million dollars, but then the altcoin market crashed. Its community is hoping the upcoming block reward reduction will help erect the budding coin and bring it back into the spotlight.

Block Halving

Block halving is when a coin’s inflation rate gets cut in half by design to choke new supply. This means that soon, there will be fewer newly mined coins reaching the market. According to a cryptostoner on, this vital block halving is only a few days away.

the block halving will occur in 15 days from now (10 days from today), at about 02:00GMT if the average of 42 seconds/block holds true.

water_buoyCannabiscoin is backed by medical-grade marijuana where it’s accepted, and is buoyed by a community that thinks of itself as a home-grown alternative, not a centralized coin like so many others.

The ability to trade CannabisCoin for actual legal Cannabis gives it a powerful feature no other coin has at the moment. But is this enough to win the battle?

At last check, Cannabiscoin (CANN) was trading at $0.004018 USD with a market capitalization of $367,433, according to

Do you feel CannabisCoin can win the great crypto weed race? Will pot ever become legal nation-wide? Log in below using your favorite social network and weigh in on the discussion.

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