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Burning Man Selects Coinbase to Accept Bitcoin Donations

Sunday 28th, December 2014 / 06:43
Burning Man Selects Coinbase to Accept Bitcoin Donations

We’re excited to announce Burning Man is now accepting bitcoin donations via Coinbase to help support its year-round programs and capacity building, including Burning Man’s Global Art Grants, the Big Art for Small Towns program and art honorariums for Black Rock City.


Burning Man has always been an advocate for innovation, and embracing the digital currency is a logical next step for the organization and makes it even easier for people all over the world to support its mission.

By accepting bitcoin, the organization can now accept donations without charging transaction fees, ensuring 100% of donations will always go to the cause. Because Burning Man is a recognized non-profit, bitcoin donations are also tax-deductible.

You can donate to Burning Man here

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