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BitPay processes $1 million bitcoin order for Butterfly Labs

Tuesday 29th, October 2013 / 10:15

BitPay has processed its largest ever single transaction – $1 million for bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer Butterfly Labs.

This means that, at the current price of $192 per bitcoin, Butterfly Labs received an order for around 5,208 BTC-worth of mining equipment. BitPay then processed this order, depositing the equivalent in fiat currency in Butterfly Labs’ bank account.

Despite the size of the order, the cryptocurrency payment processor processed it in their usual one-business-day timeframe.

Tony Gallippi, co-founder and CEO of BitPay, said: “The speed, reliability, and certainty of payments over the bitcoin network is expanding at a rapid pace, and in many regards has already surpassed the functionality of our 60-year old credit card networks.”

Butterfly Labs is notorious for missing delivery deadlines, so bitcoiners awaiting the delivery of their mining equipment may be hoping this large transaction will allow the company to speed up its production and delivery.

“Butterfly Labs can now ship this merchandise with confidence that there will be no reversibility or chargeback of the payment, which is a significant risk when accepting credit cards online or PayPal,” said Gallippi.

The latest update from Butterfly Labs was at the start of September when the company announced customers could transfer their orders to another person. Customers can do so using the classified ads section located at the top of every page of the forum for hardware sales.

Do you think Butterfly Labs will now speed up production? Let us know in the comments.

Disclaimer: CoinDesk founder Shakil Khan is an investor in BitPay.

View BitPay processes $1 million bitcoin order for Butterfly Labs on CoinDesk.

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