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Bitcoin in Perspective – Part 2

Sunday 07th, July 2013 / 00:55
Bitcoin in Perspective – Part 2
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  • Will Apple adopt Bitcoin
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bitcoin in perspectiveEarlier we wrote about Bitcoin in Perspective and wanted to follow up on the topic of where we are with Bitcoin based on all the mixed signals being presented around the globe. In our earlier post, our featured image generally enforces the fact that Bitcoin isnt going anywhere but up, and here’s a few more reasons why Bitcoin is the future.

At BTC World News, we’ve been working on our Twitter profile and followers base and from an outside view, there’s endless sea of Bitcoin related entities. I wouldn’t hesitate to guesstimate hundreds of thousands of Bitcoin supporters ranging from companies to individuals and over all is a very tight nit group. With this kind of base, there’s absolutely no doubt that Bitcoin is going to continue to be successful and it makes more sense now why the price is as it is.

As I mentioned previously, the featured image on our last post said it all, “Bitcoin Accepted Here” and when you deep dive that concept, consider what it takes to make Bitcoin Accepted Here. Companies around the globe are quickly adopting this currency for endless reasons, though to implement it, it carries a cost that most, if not all companies have thought out and established a plan for and it’s highly unlikely all these entities are going to walk away from it.

The fact is, we all can’t be wrong, which suggests we all must be on the right track, right for the fact that we’re establishing the trail to the future, no different than the wagon’s that headed for California when they heard about Gold. Yes indeed Bitcoin has a number of rough edges such as Exchanges, the process to transfer money, the ability to trade, where it can be used and so forth and not to mention the world has gotten comfortable with one-click decision making. Though these aspects are rapidly being paved in a sound direction to enable that one-click decision to be easily made.

What Bitcoin needs in the immediate future is a company like Apple or Google to adopt it as a payment method. Specifically in the App stores. As it’s understood for example, Apple controls all payments for app’s which comes with some pretty significant merchant related costs. Imagine if Apple ditched or even put to the side, this style of merchant processing and created a blend between it’s Itunes cards and Bticoin, the possibilities would be endless. App and In-app purchases would be more affordable and flexible for consumers and Apple would yield greater returns. In turn, the use of Bitcoin would extend to the countless millions of people just like that. You ask how fast that could happen, it could happen as fast as some savy company presents the right business plan and model to Apple or Google and seals the deal, or perhaps it’s already happened and now they just need a solid Bitcoin price to work with.

apple in the bitcoin marketHonestly, the possibilities are endless and in the context of Apple as our example, Bitcoin needs a small transaction lunge forward in the sense of the App Store, where most purchases are a few dollars a piece. This would help enforce the decimal system of Bitcoin where 0.25 BTC or for that matter, 0.025 BTC would go a long way in the App Store.

With ease Apple could create an Exchange similar platform designed to utilize Bitcoin as it’s primary source of payments both internally and to its developer base and share the rewards with it’s consumers. The hit this would cause on traditional merchant processing would be incredible and absolutely shape the future of payment systems around the world placing Bitcoin in a position to take command of the financial industry such as a “Financial hostile takeover”.

The fact is, how do you compete with .15 cents transaction fee’s on any amount of Bitcoin? The answer is you can’t and only Bitcoin can. So again, all Bitcoin needs is one solid player to enter the market and then it would be time to hold on to your seat and get ready for the ride. If both Apple and Google jumped in, the result would be out of this world.

The bottom line is, that big industry is in the process of adopting Bitcoin, and we may not be hearing about the biggest players yet, but it’s happening behind closed doors and development environments around the world as we speak. How do we know this, that’s easy, when it comes down to it, it’s all about money to big companies, so why they wouldn’t want in on the future is absurd to even think for one single moment.

If word leaks out that an entity like Apple was entering the Bitcoin market, Bitcoin’s value would shoot the roof and companies like Apple dont need that to happen just yet, they need a calm, precise and calculated entry point where theirs a common price occurring. If Bitcoin out-priced itself that quickly, it would make it that much more difficult to adopt worldwide.

There’s a reason the price is where it’s at and all we need to do is keep moving forward with our Bitcoin plans and watch the magic happen. And for the record, BTC World News is not in any direct receipt of any information that may suggest or imply an adoption by either Google or Apple, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to speculate that companies like this have their eyes and ears on it and for that matter, likely more.

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  1. Drue says:

    Bitcoin is definitely the future and I appreciate the fresh views btc world news offers the public.

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