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Bitcoin-accepting Atlantis takes on the Silk Road

Thursday 27th, June 2013 / 15:13

Excerpt from Forbes

Atlantis, which launched in March, is poised to take on the Silk Road, which remains by far the biggest drug sales site, with close to 60,000 unique visitors a day by one researcher’s rough measure and $22 million annual sales according to a study last year. Both run on the anonymity service Tor to hide the location of their servers and the identities of any visitors to their sites, and both accept Bitcoin to avoid having their transactions tracked through bank records.

But unlike the Silk Road, Atlantis is aggressively marketing itself on the public Internet. Aside from its video ad, a Twitter account calling itself AtlantisMarket spent Wednesday aggressively tweeting at bloggers and Bitcoin advocates that Atlantis is “the new better and cheaper alternative to silk road.” In another tweet, it claimed that it would be launching a “big social media campaign,” and has posted on Reddit seeking a marketing employee.

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