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All Things Alt: Sync’s Stability Bid, an Ivy League Alt and a Coin for World Domination

Friday 15th, August 2014 / 18:56
All Things Alt: Sync’s Stability Bid, an Ivy League Alt and a Coin for World Domination

There are plenty of fresh faces and seasoned coin networks taking the altcoin world by storm these days, offering plenty of excitement (both the good and the bad kind) for those involved. Between the market fluctuations, of course, are the interesting and, at times, one-of-a-kind threads that make the alt scene what it is.

For just a taste of what’s happening around the community (as there’s never enough time to cover it all), read on to see some of the dynamics shaping alternative cryptocurrencies today.

Ironbankcoin seeks to build blockchain-based strategy game

IBCAn altcoin is looking to establish what it calls a “24/7 global game of Risk”, with the block chain serving as the basis for player action during the game.

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